Our Good friend Trailer Reveals Jason Segel, Dakota Johnson Dramedy

Get ready to ugly cry when the film releases this January.


Universal Home Entertainment just dropped a trailer for the upcoming dramedy Our Friend, starring Jason Segel and Dakota Johnson, and OK I guess Casey Affleck is there, too. The film, about a man who moves in with his best friend and her husband to help take care of the household after she is diagnosed with terminal cancer, is set to release in theaters and on PVOD January 22, 2021.

Based on the Esquire article “The Friend: Love is Not a Big Enough Word” by Matt Teague, the film stars Affleck as Teague and Johnson as his wife Nicole. The weight of Nicole’s tragic diagnosis begins to weigh heavily on the couple, who are struggling to raise two young daughters in the face of her impending death. The couple’s mutual friend Dane (Segel) offers to move in and lighten the load by helping with the kids and preparing meals and generally doing anything he can to make Matt and Nicole’s impossible burden somewhat easier to bear. Dane’s stay is initially meant to be temporary, but he ends up casting aside all of his other relationships and responsibilities to be there for his friends until the inevitable end.

The film, from director Gabriela Cowperthwaite, originally premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019. Roadside Attractions and Gravitas Ventures picked up the distribution rights this January, and are clearly eyeing an awards season release in what has been a wildly uncertain year for movies. Judging by the trailer, Our Friend is a real contender, promising some agonizingly heartbreaking (and ultimately heartwarming) performances from the principal cast. Check out the trailer below. For more upcoming films, click here to watch the trailer for the sci-fi film Chaos Walking starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley.



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