One of the best Wesley Snipes film screenings, rated

9. White men can't jump (Sidney "Syd" Deane)

From baseball to street basketball, White Men Can & # 39; t Jump, which also stars Woody Harrelson as Billy Hoyle, "a slow, white, geeky jerk," and Rosie Perez as Billy's friend Gloria, was one of my favorite films, Kid What funny is that it sure contains a lot of F-bombs. Wesley Snipes plays Sidney "Syd" Deane, the cock who is Billy's rival at first, but then becomes his friend and romps around with him. It's a good time

Wesley Snipes Sidney probably made me love the movie. He brags, dances around and is both an idiot and kind hearted. He also shoots a medium jump shot. White Men Can & # 39; t Jump may be Harrelson's film, but I couldn't see anyone other than Wesley Snipes playing the role of his partner over the edge.

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