Nicki Minaj loses footage of her cute son !!

Nicki Minaj gave birth to her first child – a son – on MTO News on September 30 and recently posted pictures of the adorable boy.

The rapper previously announced she was pregnant in late July via a stunning David LaChapelle photoshoot.

The first child comes after her marriage to Kenneth Petty almost a year ago. Around this time, she claimed she was "planning to retire" to raise a family, but has remained musically active since she even got her first two Billboard No. 1 earlier this year. 1 songs for features with Doja Cat and 6ix9ine.

Here are the pictures:

Minaj, who gave birth to her son in September, said her water broke when she was at Petty's home and she was "butt naked".

One's mother said she "just got out of the shower" and asked Petty to "rub her back".


"As soon as I started running to him in bed, I felt the water come out. I was weirdly calm and said quietly, 'omg, I'm about to go to work,'" Minaj recalled.

While the "Super Bass" artist stayed relaxed, she found that Petty, 42, was "very scared" and "laughed at him" during the ordeal.

The rapper also described her time in the hospital, noting she was in "all night" labor and had a vaginal delivery with an epidural.

"I pressed for 2½ hours. Just b / c at first the epidural wasn't slacking enough for me to feel myself pressing. As soon as I could feel the pain I pressed it out," she explained.

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