NCIS: Daniela Ruah from LA sheds mild on Kensi's new disaster – and Deeks' future


The future looks neither bright for Kensi Blye nor for husband Marty Deeks, who emerged from NCIS: Los Angeles' double headed ball this week.

When Kensi was asked to extract information about an escaped con man from David Kessler, a pitiful old enemy, he accidentally played straight into the hands of the savvy murderer. Because, as the team discovered in the last few moments of the second hour, Kessler was deliberately caught while escaping from prison to use his information about the other convict in a private phone call with the President of the United States. Through his fellow refugee, who used to snoop around for the CIA, Kessler had compromising information about many DC politicians, which is why he extorted a POTUS order with his VIP phone, which ensured his release.

And mind you, Kessler made his plans for killing Kensi clear … among other things.

This new looming threat of Kessler (played by Frank Military, who wrote the episode) "is going to be a ticking time bomb, which is a great thing about this show," Daniela Ruah told TVLine. "This seed was planted and will burst in your face when you least expect it."

But while Kensi naturally fears for her life, "Deeks seems to be much more concerned than she is," says Ruah. "But it's always like that. Look, if my mother went to visit me before all the quarantine stuff, I'd be a lot more worried about her going here than if I was the one going. If you were it's not and you don't see it with your own eyes, it always feels a lot bigger and worse than it is. "

As if the threat that Kessler would be on the wind and take revenge wasn't enough, Kensi and her husband also have to put up with the termination of Deeks' job as liaison between the LAPD and NCIS. Permanent. There's nothing even the mighty Hetty can do to clear this bell, and as Nell made it pretty clear, Deeks is too old to go through FLETC and become a legitimate NCIS agent.

Ruah worried a little about what to expect next for family planning and homebuyers in the light of Deek's curtailed career ("I don't know if I can reveal anything …") but she did worries that scene partner Eric Christian Olsen will leave the high-octane process.

"Look, if Eric left the show permanently, we would know by now, and it obviously isn't," she said. "So things happen somewhere and somehow that change the course of history."

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