Nanny Faye is a complete "Pig Whisperer" in New Chrisley is aware of one of the best sneak peek

Chrisley knows … the truffle pig business?

In this exclusive clip from Thursday, the brand new Chrisley Knows Best from November 12th, Nanny Faye asks the grandson for help Chase Chrisley when she's looking for a truffle pig.

"Chase, did you know that pigs are an expert at sniffing truffles?" The Chrisley matriarch begins.

While Chase reveals that this information is new to him, he seems open to learning more about his nanny's latest schema.

In a confessional, Nanny Faye informs Chase: "I've done some research and with the right pig we can beat the competition and laugh to the bank."

When Chase hears this, he begins to doubt his grandmother's plan and calls the idea "crazy".

Nanny Faye shoots back, "I'm not paying you to think."

However, as Chase is quick to point out, "Nanny Faye doesn't pay [him] at all".

Even so, Chase joins Nanny Faye when they meet a potential truffle hunting pig. It doesn't take long for Nanny Faye to set her sights on a pig.

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