‘Moore Moore from RHOA: Someone screwed the stripper !!

Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party aired Sunday night – and, according to Kenya Moore, one of the ladies “screwed the stripper.”

“There is not enough holy water or sage in the world to erase what went down in this house,” Kenya told the cameramen as she listened. “Somebody screwed the stripper. It wasn’t me, but I’ll find out who did it.”

During the party, Kandi asked the producers to turn off the cameras “so we can actually have fun”. The cameramen left and the indoor cameras were covered – but an outdoor film was filming Bolo celebrating with the women. LaToya Ali “spread” it and you could see it “dragging”, said Porsha – Kenya.


Kenya says she went downstairs at 6 a.m. after hearing groans. Stripper Bolo didn’t leave until an hour later.

“A lot of things happened throughout the night. There were a few people who paid Bolo a lot of attention. Who those people were, I’m not here to tell you,” said Kandi.

Twitter had mixed feelings about Kenya’s snitch:

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