Mindy Kaling Says B.J. Novak Will Costume as Santa Claus to Shock Her Three-12 months-Previous Daughter

Mindy Kaling Welcomes Baby No. 2

Who needs Santa Claus when a TV star can do the job?

Mindy Kaling was a recent guest on Tory Burch‘s YouTube talk show, where the actress explained that her pal B.J. Novak has an unlikely acting role in mind for Christmas this year. Mindy said he intends to surprise her 3-year-old daughter Katherine and 3-month-old son Spencer by dressing up as a very sleepy Old Saint Nick. 

“Her godfather is B.J. Novak, and he is going to show up and go to our living room, where the tree is, in a Santa costume,” Mindy said about Katherine in the interview that was released on Dec. 18 but is just recently getting media attention. “Just so you know, we’re Hindu and B.J. is Jewish, so this is, like, cultural appropriation on our part.”

As it turns out, the longtime friends and former co-stars on The Office have a complicated plan in place to bring holiday cheer to the little ones. 

“This is the whole ruse that we’re going to do, and this might become a tradition,” the Wrinkle in Time star continued. “We’re going to be baking cookies, and then all of a sudden, we’re going to hear bells from another room, and I’m going to go, ‘Kit, what do you think that is?’ And then we’re going to go over to the living room where we hear bells, and B.J., dressed as Santa, is going to be asleep on the sofa with a bag because he needed to take a rest.”

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