Mary J. Blige reveals the explanation she cried after she was 50

Mary J. Blige on her Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards 2019

Turning 50 is a huge milestone for anyone. But for Mary J. BligeThis birthday was particularly meaningful. The nine-time Grammy winner explained why on the February 23 episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“When it struck 12 noon that night, I just cried like a baby because I made it,” she said. “I’ve been through hell in my life. And to make it to 50 it was just beautiful.”

Blige, who turned 50 in January, recently pondered her trip while listening to some of her early hits amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“I really don’t even like hearing the sound of my speaking voice, let alone Mary J. Blige,” she explained. “But I’ve grown so much, you know, trusting that while quarantined I don’t know, just something that just said, ‘Listen to Mary J. Blige.’ And I did. I felt like an outside person doing it. “

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