Mary Cosby from Salt Lake Metropolis: I didn't sleep with grandpa on my marriage ceremony evening !!

Salt Lake City's Real Housewives Mary Cosby is at the center of controversy after admitting that she married her step-grandfather after her grandmother died.

In a previous episode, Mary confessed that the union was supposed to make sure she received her inheritance – but she admits that she did not have sex with him the night she married her step-grandfather.


"I'm not going to lie, it was all bizarre. I was actually 22 when we got married … My mother had a fit because she wanted church, she wanted my grandmother's place. My mother felt like the one who should have supposed to be married Robert Sr., "she said.

Oddly enough, it was a fortnight that kept her from sleeping with Robert C. Cosby.

"Thank god I was on my period. The period lasted about two weeks. He said," Are you still on? "I said," Yeah, I'm still on. "It got uncomfortable. .. I like to stretch it out … I had to get over it. "

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