Maren Morris wonders if Charley Pleasure's dying from COVID-19 is linked to CMA Awards

Deaton told Variety, "We knew we couldn't do a zoom show; we couldn't do a living room show. We couldn't do that and have it represent the CMAs, the 'biggest night of country music'. 39; It had to be representative of the brand. On the other hand, the idea had to be adaptable. "

"All along we knew we were going to try and have a small audience," he said. "But we didn't know, are we going to put superfans there? Are we going to test our board and put them there? One day I called Sarah and said, 'If we look at our main categories, it's about 50 nominees or so we could do our nominees plus one. So that became the plan. & # 39; "

Deaton stressed that "no stones have been turned upside down in implementing their security protocols." He told him, "It's like the bubble for the NBA, or the way the NFL plays football every week. You don't just go out on the field without rules and regulations."

"Because I was in Zone A and spoke directly to the talent, even though I was tested every other day, I always had a mask and face shield," he said. "There were a lot of logs. It also took a lot of money to do to make sure that was done right … probably one of the safest places in the world was at our show."

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