Man Goes Viral: Hosts Child Bathe For His 6 Pregnant Girlfriends

An African man is going viral worldwide for throwing a baby shower for his 6 girlfriends, MTO News has learned. The man known by the name Pretty Mike has now garnered millions of views around the world.

The baby shower took place in one of the most expensive hotels in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. According to social media reports, Pretty Mike invited the family and friends of all six of his girlfriends to attend the event.

He also invited his male friends to the event. And at least some of his homies didn't know that Pretty Mike had more than one pregnant girlfriend.

And his friends quickly began to post videos of the unusual event on all social media. Pretty Mike became the number one trending topic across Africa in just a few minutes.

Within hours, MTO News learned that Pretty Mike was becoming a trending topic internationally – with more than 100 million people watching his post.

Check out the video:

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