Magnum P.I. Ask his five-Zero pals a favor in Season three Sneak Peek


Magnum P.I. & # 39; s title Thomas takes the special skills of some Hawaii Five-0 Ohana, in this exclusive look from the season three premiere of the CBS island drama.

Magnum and Higgins (Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks) are hiring new customers for the season three opener, titled Double Jeopardy, which airs at 9 / 8c this Friday (booked with the return of MacGyver and Blue Bloods) to find a missing brother last seen on the island. The case results in (spoilers) being shot (by the proverbial heart?) And another friend being kidnapped when a case of revenge! will be revealed during the investigation.

In the quick look above, Magnum is recruiting Five-0s Flippa (played by Shawn Garnett) to see if he and his cousin can help Kamekona find the source of the fake ID used by a person of interest in their case is. But maybe Flippa Rick (Zachary Knighton) can not only comment on the COVID-hit crowd of La Mariana but also help with a problem? Hit "Play" above to see what other (shady) service he likes to offer.

In the season premiere of Magnum P.I. besides Garnett is also Kimee Balmilero from Hawaii Five-0 as Dr. See Noelani Cunha.

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