Love & Hip Hop Moniece: Scrapp Deleon destroyed my field throughout intercourse & # 39; & # 39; !!

It's no secret that Love & Hip Hop stars Moniece Slaughter and Scrapp Deleon are dated. Well, MTO News learned that Scrapp definitely made a lasting impression on his Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-star.

According to Moniece, Scrapp sexually "devastated" her when the two started dating two years ago. When Scrapp was released from prison, however, things turned bad because he couldn't stop devastating other women as well.

Moniece made the revealing remarks in a new interview on the Domenick Nati Show. And based on their full comments, it almost sounds like Scrapp Moniece moved to Atlanta in the first place.


Moniece claimed she was shocked when Scrapp told her they must be in a polyamorous relationship.

She told the interviewer:

“So when you needed a prison, I was the only one. They tried to watch sunsets and sunrises with me. And now all of a sudden you're trying to see the sunrise and the sunset with me and three other heels.

"How, what is that? Tomfoolery, buffoon. And that's a bit of magic. This is prison sorcery and I didn't like it. I felt cheated, played after he was done. It was terrible. I felt like – the nerve of you. I get my vaginal sprinkles and then meet up with the polygamy. That's awful."

Then Monica explained what the sex was like:

“Now he's destroyed my burger. [Scrapp] didn't just eat my burger – it destroyed my burger.

"He didn't destroy it where it was unusable. My burger is still intact and everything. I say it was devastation. He looted my village. But he left it intact. He took some pearls when he left, but he didn't burn the village to the ground. Do you know what I'm saying? "

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