Leonard Roberts blames racism and the Ali Larter battle for firing his heroes

In a personal essay, actor Leonard Roberts broke his silence over his 2007 release from Heroes, citing racism and a conflict with his former co-star, Ali Larter.

In response, the 44-year-old actress publicly apologized to her former co-star. NBC, which co-produced and aired the hit science fiction series between 2006 and 2010, did not respond to the actor's claims made in Variety on Wednesday, December 16. Variety confirmed Roberts' report of 10 people who either worked on Heroes at the time or were concurrently familiar with his experience on the show.

In his essay, 48-year-old Roberts wrote about how tension on the set with Larter led to his firing and said he felt disrespected "as an actor, black and person" after meeting about his departure. Roberts & # 39; Character, D.L. Hawkins was married to Larter's Niki Sanders and both made their debut in season one: she in the pilot and he after a few episodes. In his essay, the actor wrote that he was "on the receiving end of the pushback from my co-star about playing a particularly tense scene".

"I am deeply saddened by Leonard Roberts' experience with Heroes and I am broken when I read his perception of our relationship that absolutely does not fit my memory or my experience on the show," Larter said in a statement to E. ! News. "I respect Leonard as an artist and greet him or anyone who uses his voice and platform. I'm really sorry that I played a role in his painful experience during this time, and I wish him and his family all the best."

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