Leah McSweeney Talks About The Plastic Surgical procedure She Had That Christmas!

The reality star went to her IG account to post a selfie after going under the knife that Christmas. She was lying on the bed recovering from a "boob lift" and breast augmentation, and made it clear that she won't care about judging comments because they're getting one.

Leah McSweeney seemed to mark Christmas in a unique and unexpected way, but she couldn't be happier about it.

The Real housewives New York City celebrity then took on her Instagram to tell her fans all about it in a long post that also included a picture of her looking as gorgeous as ever without make-up.

In the caption she wrote, “As I lay here for days recovering from my Christmas breast lift and augmentation (yes, it's a velor skim suit and it feels like heaven), I can only wonder how the Kardashians do Find time to recover from all your work ?. The other thing is … I can't wait to show off the new and improved girls. "

Leah also thanked Dr. Daniel Maman, who performed the procedure before stressing that hateful comments about her plastic surgery will not phase her in the slightest!

She even added some fun punny hashtags!

"Also since everyone will ask, they were made by @mamanplasticsurgery." #ChristmasBoobs #merrytitmas ,. PS. If you want to leave judgmental, shameful comments, just know that I already deal with Bunny on a regular basis and it doesn't get me on the stage. "

Sure enough, there were a lot of judgmental reactions anyway, but there were also a lot of fans who showed their support and commented on things like, “I love that you are completely open to your cosmetic work. I never understood the need to hide it. When I finished mine, I wanted EVERYONE to see it – and so excited for you! ??✔️. ’


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