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Pinkett Smith set out the reason many couples don't work together, even if they met that way, and announced in 2018 that she wasn't ready to audition for them Muhammad Ali Biography Ali with her husband of a year as a great boxer because she doubted people could see the characters behind the famous people.

"I didn't want to audition for it. I didn't want to be in that movie with Will," she said on PeopleTV. "I felt like because we were an off-screen couple, if people saw us on screen together in a movie like this, people would see Will and Jada there – they wouldn't see Ali." and Sonji [Ali's first wife]. "

The audience did it, however, and Smith received his first Oscar nomination.

However, if you prefer Will and Jada as yourself, all you have to do is tune in to Red Table Talk on Facebook.

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