Kobe Bryant’s Daughter HAS SKI ACCIDENT; Video Of Her Afterwards!!

The late Kobe Bryant’s oldest daughter Natalia Bryant sprained her hand yesterday in a skiing incident, MTO News has learned. And the outcome for Natalia could have been much much worse.

Based on reports from onlookers, Natalia was going down a steep slope, lost control and wiped out. According to them the crash looked VERY bad. But it turns out (and luckily for her) she was barely hurt.

In fact, her injuries were so minor that mother Vanessa Bryant, the widow of NBA great Kobe Bryant, was in good spirits and even made jokes about her fall.


She shared a video of Natalia Bryant getting her hand treated by a doctor and added the caption:

This is payback for making fun of daddy’s fingers @nataliabryant”

She then referenced former L.A. Lakers trainer Gary Vitti, who notably popped Kobe Bryant’s dislocated finger into place in the middle of a game in 2016, and added:

“I was waiting for that Vitti finger pull so I tried to distract her. Thankfully that wasn’t necessary.”

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