King Khan and Saba Lou Suing Rihanna for Copyright Infringement

King Khan and his daughter Saba Lou are suing Rihanna for copyright infringement, TMZ reports and Pitchfork can confirm. According to court documents viewed by TMZ, King Khan and Saba Lou allege that Rihanna used their 2012 song “Good Habits (and Bad)” without permission in an Instagram clip promoting Fenty.

“Good Habits (and Bad)” was co-written by King Khan and Saba Lou. The track originally appeared on Saba Lou’s 2012 Until the End 7″. King Khan and Saba Lou reportedly wish for their song to be no longer used in this capacity by Fenty, and they are suing Rihanna for as-yet-unspecified damages. The suit reportedly cites that the ad got more than 3.4 million views.

When contacted by Pitchfork, attorneys for King Khan and Saba Lou offered no comment. Pitchfork has also reached out to representatives for Rihanna.

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