Kim Kardashian Goes All Out for Halloween After Reworking Her Home Right into a Large Spider

Arachnophobes, avert your eyes!

On Oct. 31, Kim Kardashian revealed her Calabasas home’s Halloween look, and it is downright frightening. The reality star had her house transformed into a giant pink spider, complete with halls covered in white spider webs with spooky red lights. 

Kim, who tends to prefer a minimalist vibe for her home on normal days, toured fans around her spooky new house on her Instagram Reels. The mogul showed off the many pieces of spider decor in her house including a giant projection screen that showed arachnoids running amuck. 

Kim also showed off animatronic (at least, we hope they’re animatronic!) tarantulas moving up and down from the ceiling. However, perhaps the most disturbing thing in the Kardashian-West Halloween house was the room with a giant spider just waiting in the center. 

How exactly Kim and her family are able to sleep in this house knowing there are so many creepy crawly things on display is unclear.

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