Khloe Kardashian posted a long statement about the controversial photo she wanted off the internet

You probably know by now that there is a photo floating around online Khloe Kardashian wanted to be removed. Now she has brought up the problem and you can see what she had to say below.

Check your message:

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Someone said, ‘Here you go !!!! Shame her again !! No matter what she does, it’s always wrong 😂😂 ‘and another follower wrote:’ She lost it when she said she worked so hard! I tried to take root for them. ‘

One commenter said, ‘I’m confused. So be happy with the way you look, don’t give a shit about what others think, BUT, edit and use Photoshop! Understood! 🥴 ‘

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Someone else posted this message, “I never knew paying for an operation worked hard,” and someone else said, “Khloe, not funny that you did your whole body and that’s fine.”

One follower said, ‘Yes it is. because she always felt she had to because of people like the ones in that comment, “and someone else wrote,” I don’t think being on TV on a reality show is more difficult than 80% of 9-5 out there. ‘

Someone else said, ‘Yeah, it is. because she always felt she was forced to do so because of people like the ones in this comment. ‘

Just in case you didn’t know, Khloe Kardashian is reportedly having a breakdown after an assistant leaked an unfiltered bikini photo of the 36-year-old mom of someone who went viral online.

Khloe reportedly worked overtime with her legal team to remove the photo from the internet, and some say it is further evidence that Khloe may have body dysmorphism.

The photo shows Khloe Kardashian fresh and with a brown leopard print bikini. The photo looks significantly different from one that also appeared on Facebook, where Khloe is wearing the same bikini.

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