Kenya Moore had an interview with the Jasmine model

Kenya Moore recently did an interview with the Jasmine brand and fans were excited to see it. Check out her post below.

‘Catch me live on IG today with @thejasminebrand 12pm ET #kenyamoorehair @babyquestgrants #RHOA’ Kenya has given her post a title.

Someone said, “Yes, Miss Moore. Keep your foot on the necks of haters. “Another follower reported on the news:” Yyyyaaaayyyy, you did Kenya well and the haters howled. “

One supporter said, “You are doing this show Kenya, if not for you, what would we be talking about?” and someone else wrote this: “No matter what hatred they have for you, always remember that Jehovah loves you unconditionally.”

One commenter wrote the following message: “You have done an EXCELLENT JOB as usual. You represent DPS GOOD!” And one follower said: “I found out some information that I didn’t know!”

One fan said, “Thanks for having another season on your back. I know your heels hurt @thekenyamoore and someone else posted this: @thekenyamoore, you did a great job attracting almost 4K viewers! They were authentic and transparent !! Good luck with the new collection. ‘

Someone else said, “Kenya, you will end up with the man of your dreams and hopefully Marc will find the man of his dreams too,” and one commentator said, “Oh no, a meeting is gone and missed.” Can we catch it recorded? ‘

One commenter wrote: ‘I pray for you @thekenyamoore. I know what disappointment and abandonment feel like. # Stayup🙌🏾 ‘

In other breaking news, Kenya moors‘s little girl, Brooklyn Daly, plays doctor and the fans are totally in love with her. Take a look at the post.

Kenya is living its best life these days and the fans are impressed. She always keeps the fans up to date on social media.


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