Kate Hudson feels “horrible” concerning the backlash from the music autism illustration

Kate Hudson addressed the backlash from the autism community about her new film Music.

In the new film written and directed by the music superstar Be, Dance mothers alum Maddie Ziegler portrays the title character. Music is autistic and non-verbal, and many people were upset that Sia cast a neurotypical actress to play such a role. In November, the “Chandelier” singer claimed she tried to hire a person with autism for the role, but the actress found the role “uncomfortable” and “stressful”. However, autistic actors on Twitter accused her of not searching carefully enough before casting Maddie, who Sia has worked with on several of her music videos.

Speaking to the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hudson, who portrays the character Zu, the older sister and guardian of music in musical drama, said it was valuable to have a dialogue about media representation.

The almost famous actress stated, “I think when people see the movie they’ll see the amount of love and sensitivity that has been put into it. But it’s an important conversation, not just about this movie, but about it as a whole Representation. “

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