Justin Anderson says Kristin Cavallari "by no means" slipped into Craig Conover's DMs

Justin Anderson clears up a specific rumor about his best buddy Kristin Cavallari.

Kristin and Southern Charm Star Austen Kroll spurred romantic speculation earlier this month after Austen left a flirtatious comment on her Instagram post and was later partied together.

During a live appearance by Watch What Happens on Thursday, December 17th, Austen told the host Andy Cohen that Kristin had "slipped into" his castmate Craig Conover& # 39; s DMs to let him know she would be in town, so they all went out to dinner.

But on December 18, Justin took to his Instagram story to make it clear that Kristin didn't really slip into Craig's DMs – or anyone else's.

"Not the kind I should be talking about, but Kristin would never slip into anyone's DM by accident," wrote Justin. "I was a fan of our new friends Craig and Austen, and we went to Charleston and met them … I pushed for friendship."

The celebrity hair colorist added, "Kristin was there and no one joins or even flirts. Four adults who are friends. Let's move on."

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