Johnny Galecki from the Huge Bang Idea and girlfriend Alaina Meyer cut up up

Single Dad Alert: The Big Bang Theory Actor Johnny Galecki and his girlfriend Alaina Meyer broke up

The couple broke up after more than two years together, People reports. Johnny [45] and Alaina [23] share a son, a 1 year old Avery. The stars will continue to be parents together, depending on the socket.

Alaina has been to Nashville for the past few weeks and last posted on Instagram on November 23rd when she celebrated Avery's first birthday. She wrote, "This has been the gnarliest year of my life, with the highest highs and lowest lows, but even in the most difficult moments, especially after I lost [sic] ryan, there was a healthy boy who needed me and me up held the ground and centered. "

The model added in her post, "It's absolutely crazy the way time goes by. Seeing this little one within yourself is the best gift. I'm so grateful for his health and our journey together."

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