JetBlue's Lil Pump Banned For Pretend COVID-19 Signs

Rapper Lil Pump was banned from flying JetBlue Airways after boarding a plane and refusing to wear a mask – even if at one point he was feigning COVID-19 symptoms.

Pump was on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles, where he was reportedly "cursed at crew members after being asked multiple times about refusing to adhere to JetBlue's face-covering guidelines" – and being brought in to law enforcement.

TMZ reports that the rapper "sneezed and coughed into a blanket without his mask". The publication quickly determined that the coughing and sneezing could have been a fake. Pump is a well-known troll.

"His reservation has been canceled and he can no longer fly JetBlue," Derek Dombrowski told USA Today. "The safety of all customers and crew members is a top priority for JetBlue."

Pump then hopped on social media to break into the airline:

"F * ck JetBlue, f * ck everyone who works there, n * gga," he says in the clip. "You have some bums. In 2020-21 I won't wear a mask, I don't have to wear a damn mask bitch, Corona's fake. Bye."

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