Jennifer Lopez wears very revealing leggings within the fitness center, Twitter reacts !!

Jennifer Lopez is currently going viral on Twitter. Today she was the most popular topic in the world – and all because of her leggings.

J Lo and Alex Rodriguez were spotted by the paparazzi exiting the gym after doing their morning workout in Coral Gables, Florida after Christmas.

And Jens's choice of outfit makes her buzz on all social media. It was more than just a buzz, it almost broke the internet.

Check out the tights she wore – they are very revealing.

Here are some of the comments from Twitter:

J Lo still looks like a snack.

At 52, Jennifer still knows how to thirst for paparazzi.

You know Alex Rodriguez likes this outfit. Looks like a Christmas ham in stockings.

This is the NY Puerto Rican arroz con pollo and salsa dance swag.

And here are the pics Jen goes viral in today.


With a cumulative gross film gross of $ 3.1 billion and an estimated worldwide sales of 70 million records, Jennifer Lopez is considered the most influential Latin American entertainer in the United States. In 2012, Forbes ranked her the most powerful celebrity in the world as well as the 38th most powerful woman in the world.

Die Zeit listed her among the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018. Her top hit singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 include "If You Had My Love," "I'm Real," "Isn't It Funny," "All I Have" and "On the Floor," the latter of which is one the best-selling singles of all time.

For her contributions to the recording industry, J Lo received a milestone on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Billboard Icon Award and the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, among others.

Her other ventures include clothing lines, fragrances, the Nuyorican Productions production company, and the non-profit Lopez Family Foundation.

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