J.P. Bachelor Nation's Rosenbaum joins Ashley Hebert's protection after fan says she "broke his coronary heart"

Back in October, the longtime couple shocked Bachelor Nation fans when they announced their separation.

"I've written and rewritten this post a dozen times and each time I feel the same level of disbelief and extreme sadness," began J.P. his contribution at that time. "While I know this will be a complete shock to everyone, I can assure you that this has been developing in our relationship for some time. It is with a heavy heart that I share this with you after months of separation, Ashley and I are on friendly terms decided to live our lives separately. "

J.P. stated that both he and Ashley made the decision to split up, saying they are "just two very different people with very different personalities and perspectives who just don't see much at eye level".

"Please, please, please know that it is nobody's fault, that there is no event that triggered this decision," he added, "that nobody is the victim and that we have done absolutely everything to save this marriage . "

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