Isaiah Washington ignites Gray's anatomy drama by calling Katherine Heigl on Twitter

As fans will remember, there was drama both on and outside of Grey's Anatomy. According to People, Isaiah spoke of an alleged encounter between him and T.R. at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards.

"No, I didn't refer to T. R. as f —- t. Never happened, never happened," Isaiah said in the press room at the time. "There was no way I could do something so mean and terrible, not just to a castmate, but to a fellow human being."

After the awards show, Katherine didn't hold back her thoughts on the ordeal. "I'm going to be really honest now, he just doesn't have to speak publicly. Period," she told Access Hollywood per People. "I'm sorry, that didn't have to be said, I don't agree."

When asked if T.R. was hurt, she replied, "I don't understand how you couldn't be under these circumstances."

"I just think this should be something that we have to deal with internally," she added. "T. R. is my best friend. I'm going to throw down for this kid."

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