Insomniac Occasions Companions Up with Membership Glow, Takes Over Forbidden Kingdom

Insomniac Events has acquired Club Glow in a new partnership, along with iconic Washington, D.C. venues including Echostage and Soundcheck.

Much like Insomniac, Club Glow made a name for itself by throwing shows and events from the ’90s on. Club Glow president and CEO Pete Kalamoutsos now heads up 150 events per year at Echostage and Soundcheck, plus Moonrise and Preakness InfieldFest festivals — all new ventures for Insomniac Events.

“Glow has been a champion of dance music culture for over 20 years, and Pete and his team have been instrumental in helping grow and shape the entire East Coast scene,” Insomniac Founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella says. “I couldn’t be happier to align our teams and continue raising the bar for live dance music experiences.”

Kalamoutsos adds, “We are thrilled to be joining the Insomniac family… After two decades of producing some of the biggest dance music events on the East Coast, it’s time to write a new chapter. Pasquale and I were cut from the same cloth, and our visions align when it comes to dance music. I couldn’t imagine a better opportunity to continue to grow Glow, Echostage and Soundcheck than with the team at Insomniac.”

What’s next for Insomniac and Club Glow is yet to be known. Together, it seems the companies will thrive — even despite the damage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the music industry.

In addition, Insomniac has taken over Forbidden Kingdom festival in Florida.



Source: Pollstar | Photo via NAFT Photography for Insomniac

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