Inside Meghan Trainor’s Extremely Difficult Being pregnant

The answer, of course is just to do it, which Trainor is totally up for. She and Sabara already have “one solid name we’re all loving,” and she’s begun the nesting process. And with Christmas likely to bring a solid haul of baby gear, there’s little else to do but wait and, as she told E! News, focus on her new plan, which is simply to “be the best mom ever.”

With her holiday album out and the countdown to labor officially on, “We can just, like, focus on, like, getting ready to give birth and have a baby and have a human,” she told ET. “And then I can disappear and be mom.” Her maternity leave planned, “I told them the first three months, leave me alone,” she continued, “me, baby, that’s it. And husband.”

What else does a girl really need? 

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