Illenium brings Christmas pleasure with the brand new collaboration by Dabin & Lights, "Hearts On Hearth"

Illenium The new music journal of his new label 12Tone started a little more than the middle of this year with “Nightlight”. After Tom Delonge's collaboration on "Paper Thin" he's now back with Hearts on Fire, working with Lights and again with Dabin.

"Hearts on Fire" is a wonderfully beautiful ballad that perfectly reflects the talents of these three accomplished artists. The guitars and synthesizers from Dabin and Illenium mingle with the superb vocals from Lights and the drop is the perfect amount of grit and raw emotion. It's one of those songs that we could easily see at a festival like Coachella or Lost Lands – not that most of the songs from Illenium don't yet fit that profile.

But this will absolutely be another one of his songs that fans will be screaming at the top of their lungs when played when the chorus starts, "This is hearts on fire / out of control / boy, you have to let it go." You know it. "

Check it out below!

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