Houston Man MURDERED On Facebook Live by Baby Mama New Boyfriend!

A Houston man was murdered today and the murder was captured and streamed live on Facebook Live.

The video, which has already been seen by more than 1,000,000 people, showed a man who was shot in broad daylight and in front of dozens of witnesses. MTO News received social media reports that the victim was allegedly shot and killed by his mother’s new boyfriend.

Here is the video:

The video shows the suspect approaching his victim and the two men exchange words. The victim stands at the door of his suspected mother’s house.

After a brief back and forth, MTO saw the suspect pull out a gun and fire several shots into the victim’s upper body.


When the shots ring out, the crowd runs away. But the videographer remains seated and captures the suspect, bends over the victim’s body and goes into his pockets – apparently robbing the victim.

MTO News has not yet been able to confirm the victim’s condition, but multiple social media reports say the victim died on the spot.

We contacted the Houston police to see if they were investigating the alleged murder and they did not respond.

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