Hoda Kotb, Thomas Rhett, and different celebrities who’ve grown their households via adoption

The family gift is an indescribable bond.

There is something so precious to this particular love that comes in all shapes and sizes. There are some unique ways to expand this narrow circle, and one of those methods is through adoption.

With National Adoption Day on November 21st, it's the perfect time to highlight several celebrities who have embarked on this life-changing process.

Country star in 2017 Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins adopted a special family member from Uganda – lovingly an 18 month old girl named Will Gray Akins.

"The word 'adopted' doesn't really make sense in my head anymore," said the singer of "Die A Happy Man" in an interview with People. "I know it happened and I remember it very well, but it feels like she's just been here all the time. Even though Willa Gray comes from [a] very different part of the world, she and it belongs to us feels like she never didnt. "

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