Herobust Returns With Euphoric Single, “Bear in mind” [Busted Records]

This is one artist we’ve been very keen on hearing lately. During the ongoing misadventure that is 2020, Herobust has returned with a highly anticipated single, “Remember“.  This song represents everything we love about Herobust. He’s incredibly versatile with the ability to blend sounds and genres beautifully into a song that is so fun to listen to.

“Remember” carries a nostalgic vibe, with a perfectly chopped vocoded vocal and euphoric chords that build into a electrifying future riddim drop that is pure genius. 

Hayden’s catalyst for the song was gratitude.  He explains, “this year it’s been easy to focus on everything we’re missing out on” and that it’s helped him to shift his focus to cherishing memories and thinking about how much “our first festival season back is going to SLAP.”

Stream “Remember” below!


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