Hear Rina Sawayama's new music "LUCID"

Rina Sawayama shared a new song called "LUCID". It is made by BloodPop®. Check out "LUCID" below. In a statement, Rina Sawayama said:

It's about living a different life through dreams, be it with the dream girl or with the dream girl. Me and Lauren Aquilina wrote this together on the floor of my tiny rented living room in early 2018. BloodPop® sent us the beat and the melody flowed out so easily that I remember starting to suck at some point because I knew it was going to be easy to write lol. I kept this song a secret for two years and I'm so excited to finally make it available to the world! 2020 was a tough year so I wanted to wrap it up with a dance bop to lead us into a more hopeful year 2021.

"LUCID" will appear in the deluxe edition of Sawayama's debut SAWAYAMA. The deluxe edition will also include new songs like "We Out Here" and "Bees & Honey", Sawayama's cover of 1975's "Love It If We Made It" and more. SAWAYMA: The Deluxe Edition will be released on December 4th.

Check out Pitchfork's rising feature, "Rina Sawayama on Her Wildly Eclectic and Disarmingly Personal Debut Album".

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