Hannah Berner is leaving Summer House after a “whirlwind” experience to concentrate on her stand-up career

Hannah Berner says goodbye to the summer house after a rocky season.

The 29-year-old Bravo reality star announced on Friday, May 14th that she will not be returning for the sixth season of Summer House.

“The past year was one of the most important in my life for self-reflection, love and a lot of learning,” she wrote on Instagram. “I have welcomed new career moves, challenges and obstacles as well as growth opportunities. As we climb out of the emotional rifts of 2020, I look forward to an exciting summer, but with mixed emotions I announce that it will not be me.” I spend it living in the summer house. ”

Hannah considered, “These last three summers have been a whirlwind and the show has without a doubt changed my life and I will forever be grateful for the platform it gave me.”

However, the fans didn’t see the last of her. She’s now switching from reality TV to go on tour as a stand-up comic this summer instead. “I enjoy making people laugh,” she said, noting that she will soon be “telling fart jokes in comedy clubs and theaters near you.”

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