Hailey Bieber's newest outfit proves that leggings could be a model assertion

Hailey Bieber just proved how stylish leggings can be.

There's no denying the 23-year-old star knows how to make a fashion statement. If the model puts on cozy pants, thick sneakers and oversized sweaters, she always looks effortlessly chic.

Her latest outfit, however, offers a mix of casual wear and high fashion. On Friday, November 20th, Hailey was spotted leaving her stylist's office Maeve Reilly in Los Angeles, California.

But instead of slipping into her loungewear (like most of us amid the coronavirus pandemic), she went for something a little more flashy.

During her afternoon outing, Hailey wore YSL from head to toe. She put on black latex gaiters, a matching biker jacket with cuff sleeves and a black and white silk blouse with polka dots. Her accessories were just as stylish.

The native Californian combined her Lewk with a vintage belt with a monogram, black pumps with a rectangular gold chain design and a matching handbag.

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