Gray's Anatomy Eyes reduce season because of COVID – however how brief?

However, the delayed production start of Grey's Anatomy guarantees the ABC drama will produce fewer hours of television this season, but how low will the episode count be? Not as low as you might think, all things are relative.

Although an ABC insider claims that the fluid nature of the coronavirus pandemic makes it impossible to pinpoint a fixed episode count for Grey's (or a script series currently in production), TVLine has learned that medical drama is best Is rated has a 16 episode run in mind for the current 17th season. That number could also rise (or fall) due to the ever-changing COVID crisis.

The tentative 16-episode target, however, appears to be in line with ABC's recently announced mid-season schedule, which sees Grey's return from his winter break on March 4, having aired just six episodes in the fall (which ends on December 17) Has ).

If the 16-episode scenario applies, the 17th season of Grey's Anatomy would be one of the shortest ever, after the first nine-episode season in second place. In the past few years, Ellen Pompeo and Co. had produced around 24 episodes per season. (The show had 21 episodes last season before the plug was pulled because of COVID).

An ABC representative declined to comment on the story.

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