Gillian Anderson and The Crown Creator Peter Morgan break up up

It's over between Gillian Anderson and partners and The Crown creators Peter Morgan.

The 52-year-old actress who recently starred Margaret Thatcher In the successful Netflix series, the 57-year-old British screenwriter E! The news was confirmed on Friday, December 18. The two had been together for more than four years. Anderson and Morgan made no comment on the split.

The US-born actress, who grew up partially in the UK and moved back there almost 20 years ago, does not share any children with the screenwriter. Both she and Morgan have children from previous relationships.

Anderson shares two sons, ages 12 and 14, with ex-boyfriend and businessman Mark Griffiths. She also has a 26 year old daughter from her first marriage of three years up Clyde Klotzwho worked as assistant art director on The X-Files, the '90s series that made the actress famous.

Anderson, who played Agent Dana Scully on the hit show, was also previously married to the documentary filmmaker Julian Ozanne. They separated in 2006 after two years.

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