Get your ghost fingers ready: Bring It On is getting a horror movie spinoff

On twitter, Rebekah McKendry and Dana Schwartz revealed that they wrote the script for Bring It On: Halloween.

“DID SOMEONE SAID TO BRING IT ON SEQUEL ????” Dana tweeted on Thursday. “I actually had the time of my life writing this cheerleading horror film with the brilliant @RebekahMcKendry.” The author later raved, “We had so much fun.”

Rebekah was in the spirit of having her own festival post and wrote, “I’m thrilled [to] I had the honor of writing the upcoming BRING IT ON: HALLOWEEN together with the amazing @DanaSchwartzzz. “

The filmmaker, director of Psycho Granny and All the Creatures Were Stirring, summed up all of our thoughts and added, “Cheerleaders and horror! Done, ok!”

E! The news asked Syfy for confirmation from the creative team.

(E! And Syfy are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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