Excision’s Subsidia Releases “Nightfall” Vol. 2 Compilation With 20 New Songs

Subsidia is wasting no time, releasing its second sequel compilation just two weeks after the last. Night Vol. 2 released December 1 and is quickly followed by Dusk Vol. 2, out today, featuring 20 new songs by fresh faces and new names.

Featured in the newest compilation are names like Kaivon, Notixx, YDG, and Sam Lamar, but also Svspkt, Matheny, Gl0bal, bd hbt, Brainrack, and more. Mixing familiar with new names is key to Subsidia’s ethos in releasing these compilations and we should expect a Dawn Vol. 2 before the end of the year if this pattern continues.

Check out all the new tracks below!

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