Everybody within the operating to tackle Alex Trebek in danger!

It is this humble attitude that gives us hope that someone will be able to fill Trebek's formidable shoes, even as we worry about each new homage to the television icon.

Because while our grief goes on, the show, as they say, has to go on. And since Trebek shot enough episodes to get us through Christmas, it's Jeopardy! The producers will make a decision to come in 2021.

"Game show hosting is a skill," said Adam Nedeff, a game show historian and author of the Game Shows FAQ, today of the challenge they face. "Alex has always been featured as the host of Jeopardy! Not a star. Candidates are the star. Though you might think he's such a giant, they need a 'name' but I don't think the show suitable to be a vehicle for someone. It has to be someone who is willing to put the game at the center. "

With just dozens of more than 8,000 episodes left by Trebek, the show will resume production on November 30 with interim hosts – including GOAT Ken Jennings– Get ready to lead the big board. But who could possibly fill in full-time? We break down the short list of candidates.

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