Erica Mena means that she DIVERSE SAFAREE !!

After husband Safaree publicly claims marrying her was the worst mistake of his life, Erica Mena wants people to know she doesn’t need their advice.

And MTO News has learned that she is apparently ready to deviate from her reality star husband and end her marriage.

“I don’t run to you about my marital problems, so please save energy by giving me advice. I know what’s what. I do the best. And if I’m not the best version of myself, for whatever reason Anyway, my kids are above all fair, “she tweeted.

She added, “ENERGY I will always have: I’ve never made or broken a relationship. RT, if that’s the case for you. Sparkles.”

Last month, Safaree tweeted:

“I mean, from the bottom of my heart, getting married was one of my BIGGEST mistakes and it will never happen again. I’ll get away before I go to jail for some stupid shit. Nobody is worth my freedom !!!” ”


People beat him up and called him an attention seeker.

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