Erica Campbell: You’ll be able to't sow hoe seeds and reap marriage advantages !!

Erica Campbell, one of the singers in the gospel duo Mary Mary, got away with one piece of advice – which received mixed reviews.

"You can't sow hoe seeds or get marital benefits," she wrote on social media. "Your brain and body don't change like that. You have to prepare your mind for marriage because it is service."

Erica wasn't one to crush her words or pay attention to what her critics were saying:

"Critics are not that important to me. I think when you listen to music you hear what we are really saying. I think a lot of people have different tastes. So they like what they like. I don't take that as a strike against me. I know that what we do is given by God, "she said in an interview with Consciousness Magazine. "We are blessed and have helped many people. Those who don't care can keep hearing what they hear, and we wish them all the best. There are many people who love Mary Mary and support what we do. We try." to focus on the positive rather than the negative. "

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