Enter Paris Hilton's Los Angeles Mansion

Ever wondered what the inside of Paris HiltonThe house looks like? Here's a close look inside.

On Wednesday, November 25th, the multi-million dollar businesswoman gave her 1 million YouTube subscribers a tour of Los Angeles' Slivington Manor, which has been under renovation for nearly two years.

In the 17-minute video, the 39-year-old walked through the empty rooms while remembering her memories. It started in her office and product showroom, which "literally looked like a store" and eventually will be turned into a spa. She then walked through the kitchen, dining room, and what will soon be her new office.

In the master bedroom, the pop culture icon was reminiscent of the former closet full of shoes attached to the room.

"That's depressing," said Paris when she noticed that her bedroom balcony was deconstructed. "If you've never seen what this room looked like, it was literally like paradise."

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