Don't Be Late Sneak Peek: Is Brielle Biermann "Stepmother" Materials?

Home Sweet Home.

In this exclusive clip from today's season eight finale of Don & # 39; t Be Tardy, the Biermanns are back home in Atlanta reflecting on their road trip adventure. When the family unpacks, including the matriarch Kim Zolciak-BiermannWig stand, Ariana Biermann gives an indication of an upcoming date.

Ariana asks, "What am I wearing tonight?"

Kim replied, "Oh, you're going on a date – that's why you're in a good mood – with this new boy you met."

According to Kim, Ariana likes "these handsome guys".

In response, Ariana remarks: "Yes, I do. Because I like her pretty, otherwise I don't even want to hug her."

Nice to save, Ariana.

Ariana reflects on Don & # 39; t Be Tardy's camera: "Our overall goal for this trip: selfies and men."

During their "#ManHunt" it was announced that the family has found Brielle Biermann& # 39; s "new friend". In reality, it is just a looming animal skeleton.

Sorry, Brielle.

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