Does the Mandalorian timeline occur earlier than the Star Wars Rebels finale?

As a new episode of The Mandalorian Quick approaches, fans are still trying to get a complete handle on everything that happened in the final episode, The Jedi. For one, it brought Rosario Dawson to the group as Ahsoka Tano, who will make the character's live-action debut. Now, director Dave Filoni has revealed that the episode doesn't necessarily take place after the Star Wars Rebels series finale, which has a huge impact.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian Chapter 13, The Jedi. Subsequently. Ahsoka meets baby Yoda, whose official name is Grogu, we come to study. Mando hopes that she will train Grogu in the ways of power. Ultimately, an agreement is reached between Mando and Ahsoka. He has to help her get the much-needed information from an enemy. We come to find out information is the location of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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The last time we saw Ahsoka, it was the epilogue in chronological order Star Wars rebels Final. She set out with Sabine Wren to look for Ezra, who had blown up into space with Thrawn to an unknown location in the vastness of space. This scene took place after the events of the return of the Jedi. Like the Mandalorian. Dave Filoni warned in a recent interview that fans shouldn't make assumptions about the timeline.

"It's not exactly chronological. I think most people will not understand that they want to be linear, but as I learned as a kid, nothing in Star Wars works really linear. They do (episodes) four, five, and six and then one, two and three. So if you watch the rebel epilogue, you really don't know how much time has passed. So it's possible that the story I'm telling in The Mandalorian actually happened before. Possible . I say it is possible. "

So essentially, there's a chance the final scene of Star Wars Rebels might take place after what we saw in The Mandalorian. That would mean that the events in the live-action series could theoretically lead to the search for Thrawn and Ezra. Either way, Thrawn seems ready to make his first appearance in live action. It's just a matter of when this will happen in the overall timeline.

Rumors of a continuation of the rebels have been rife for quite some time. Not to mention a possible split from The Mandalorian. The show certainly seems to have the right parts for it. Luckily, we still have a few episodes left over from season two to hopefully get some answers. No matter how it turns out, it seems we're finally going to get some answers to one of the biggest open questions in the entire franchise. Now the question is whether Ezra Bridger will show up next. This message comes to us through Vanity Fair.

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