Diamond & Silk are on IG Finessing Upset Trump Voters! (& # 39; Ship us more cash & # 39;)

Diamond & Silk were two of the most outspoken voices behind President Trump – and they made a small fortune with Republicans. After Trump officially lost the election, Diamond & Silk appears to be making one final win, MTO News has learned.

The two women went on IG Live yesterday and told their viewers that Trump will "win" the election. The two ladies asked their followers to stay positive, keep Trump in their payers, and contribute money to Diamond & Silk – either through PayPal or by purchasing their books.

What do you think these ladies actually believe what they say? or is that a great finesse?


Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, known as Diamond and Silk, are black American live-stream video bloggers, political activists, and former Fox Nation presenters whose commentary usually endorses US President Donald Trump.

The two women received media attention during the 2016 campaign and again in April 2018 when they claimed Facebook told them they were "unsafe for the community".

In response, they accused Facebook of blocking and censoring their Facebook page.

On April 26, 2018, at the invitation of Rep. Steve King, they testified before Congress about their perceived Facebook censorship. Republican Congressmen then brought up the two censorship claims made by women on Mark Zuckerberg's testimony in US Congress.

In April 2020, her propensity for outrageous claims led to her undoing when Fox News fired her for promoting COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

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