Dave Chapelle will get right into a struggle with a person carrying a masks !! (Video)

Comedian Dave Chapelle had a physical argument yesterday, MTO News learned. And the man leaked video footage of what he calls their "fight".

In the video, the man can be seen approaching Dave Chapelle and criticizing the comedian for not wearing a mask in public.

The man – who may be called "Chad" – confronted Dave with being hypocritical. All of Dave's shows require his audience to wear masks.

The man walked up to Dave, broke into his personal space, and started lashing the millionaire comic with his tongue.


And Dave got angry and seemed to have got his hands on Chad.

Here's the video floating around on social media:

At the end of the video, Chad is kicked out of the hotel. As he is escorted out of the building, Chad informs the hotel security that he will hire a lawyer and sue Dave Chapelle.

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