Cynthia Bailey exhibits her flawless determine on Vacay – see her footage on the seashore

It has already been revealed that Cynthia Bailey showed her figure on the beach while she was on vacation. Look at the pictures Mike HillThe wife of has settled on her social media account.

The couple went on vacation with Eva Marcille and Mike Sterling.

One person said, "I've been waiting for you to rhyme somehow" quiet "and" hilly "… imma a little disappointed … but you looked sun kissed and refreshed" and someone else wrote, "I can always rely on it. " my Cynthia to give a good face with sitting cheekbones‼ ️ & # 39;

Another said, “I love all these natural photos of you. So beautiful Cynthia. "

As one commenter wrote, “Now I LOVE this look… Quite simply, the 2 French braids. That's it, that's all, "and another follower wrote," I know the feeling … Hillin very hard during the pandemic … the only regret is that lives were lost … "

Someone else said, "Yes, it does. You feel a lot of the energy needed," and someone else said, "Yes, it does. I'll be with you!" "Kickback" and still be so pretty. "

Another follower said: “GAWDJUS !! Enjoy this last Tuesday in 2020 !! ’’ And another successor wrote the following: ’What kind of room do you live in? I want to book for my 15th anniversary. "

Another said, "Enjoy the process … on this new journey and this new process there will be an ongoing blessing."

Another follower said: "Good morning, beautiful, healthy, beautiful woman. I wish you a nice Tuesday and a nice day."

It was reported recently Cynthia Bailey and Eva Marcille posted together on their vacation and fans were upset that the ladies were traveling during the pandemic.

Check out the photo Cynthia shared on her social media account and see some of the fan reaction.


Someone said, "Keep traveling with all that crap."

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